Shoalhaven Mariners News 2017

Shoalhaven Mariners T-Ball and Junior Baseball Presentation Day 2017

Saturday 25th February 2017 Ison Park South Nowra

Bring your family and friends to show your support for our players last game of the season and enjoy the days entertainment followed by presentation for our Little Mariners

First game starts at 10am . Come out and show your support for our local upcoming stars .

Senior Registration Day

Saturday 25th February 2017 Ison Park South Nowra  1pm till 3pm.

We are looking for any past, present and any new players interested in playing the coming winter season.

Shoalhaven Mariners 2017 Committee

President                              Gabe Tate

Vice President Seniors    Kerrie Raymond

Vice President Juniors    Ben Elliot

Secretary                              Simon Levy

Treasurer                             Glenys Lugg


General Committee      Murray Lugg

                                              Stuart Raymond

                                              Michael Taylor

                                              Lee Lawson

                                              Greg Buttfield

                                              Sue Eggington


Public Officer                    Allan Lugg